Appraisers Getting Older and Leaving Fast

Though many continuing education courses are available online, I still find myself drawn to in-class sessions. The ability to network is great but I think we can find out much more than the curriculum offers by the discussions that go on. My recent CE classes for this year were no different.

What did I learn you ask? Well for one thing, the supply of licensed/certified appraisers is dramatically shrinking. California is losing 5 per day and the percentage trend is similar across the nation. Obviously the past few years of mortgage meltdowns, foreclosures, increasing regulatory changes and AMC fee slashing is taking it's toll.

The average age of an appraiser was reported to be 55-60. Wow! That means fewer younger professionals are coming in. Hopefully there will not be a mass exodus of the most qualified appraisers. We need the best and brightest to lead the way into the next era.