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Why I Don't Use A Laser

by Mike Armentrout From personal computing, to the internet, to unlimited mobile apps, technology has revolutionized our lives.  It's hard to imagine how we functioned before the advent of this modern age.  Many of the tools we have at our disposal are nothing short of amazing.  As an appraiser and a business owner, I have always embraced new technologies once they became affordable and reliable.  If something claims to increase productivity and profitability, I am eager to look into it.  From the early days of training, I was never fond of the idea of tape measures since they required significant work or outright assistance.  I instead opted for a small measuring wheel with a retractable handle.  As laser measuring devices came to the market, I eagerly purchased a more basic model to see if this was something that would really benefit my inspections. After several weeks of using it, I started to realize it may not be what I was hoping for.  While there were some uses where