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Happy New Year

AM Appraisals, Inc. hopes that all had a Joyous Christmas and wishes everyone a Happy New Year in 2011.

Scope of Work "Creep" and Stagnate Fees . . . Not a Good Mix!

Our latest article on the topic of Scope Creep was just published on Read the article here

Replace My Clipboard...Never!

As I was cleaning out my briefcase the other day, I examined my clipboard which is still the original one I started with over nineteen years ago. It has been my faithful companion on thousands of inspections and has never failed me. The feel of the MDF (medium density fiberboard) and the tension of the spring clip to hold numerous case files is all I need for a successful inspection. It's been dropped countless times, been rained on, snowed on and still performs like a champ. While ordering office supplies, I have occasionally been tempted to purchase a new shiny one with all the bells and whistles but then I remember my old friend. It rests happily in my briefcase when not in use. It serves as my mobile desk, file cabinet and all around portable office. Even as I consider the use of an iPad, I suspect my clipboard will still be the foundation of my field collection tools.

Spreading the Message

Our most recent article on Geographic Competence was linked to by the Appraisal Today newsletter. Thanks to Ann O'Rourke at A.T. for her efforts to bring timely news and communication to the industry.

New Article on Geographic Competence

Check out our latest article on Geographic Competency. It was just published on the industry news site Appraisal Scoop. Read the article here


There has been a bit of a slowdown the last few weeks. Sales seem to be slacking off while re-fi activity is picking up. Got a question...give us a call. Published with Blogger-droid v1.4.6

Field Aps for WinTotal Users

If any of you WinTotal users have implemented Alamode's data collection application on your iPhone, Touch or iPad, I would love to know what your thoughts are on its actual usefullness. I have worked with the ap a little on a Touch but still think the amount of work area is insufficient for field collection. This was the primary reason I stopped using a PDA years ago as I found it was not saving time nor was it able to sketch and take notes the way I do during inspections. The iPad seems to be a great alternative with a workspace that resembles our traditional clipboards so I would love to hear exactly what the productivity or efficiency advantages are. I know Alamode is currently developing an Android OS version which would be convenient for many tied to the Verizon network but the same workspace issues will still exist.

Technology Is Great

Our primary email accounts are now read from mobile devices. This should speed responses and improve communication with everyone. Published with Blogger-droid

Forget About IVPI...It's Gone

The guys over at Think Big Work Small have a little HVCC news.

High-End Homeowners Falling Into Foreclosure Trap

Heated pools, ocean views and media rooms are not what most people would expect to find in a foreclosed property, but more high-end homes—priced over a million dollars—have been falling into the hands of banks this year. Read the full story

Mike Massey honored at Bryan College

Our co-founder Mike Massey at his alma mater Bryan College in Eastern Tennessee. After 50 years since earning his degree, he was asked to be a part of the 2010 commencement. Here he is with graduate Ben Neds.

Fast Pace May Be Here For A While

It's been a very busy week here at AM. A lot of things are underway including the final touches on a new web site design to be launched soon. We are very excited about some new prospects for the coming year and work volume seems to be increasing. Our turn time is suffering a bit due to our staff to case load ratio but we are looking into some new solutions. If you have an assignment that needs urgent attention please contact us so we can prioritize those orders first.

Appraisers Getting Older and Leaving Fast

Though many continuing education courses are available online, I still find myself drawn to in-class sessions. The ability to network is great but I think we can find out much more than the curriculum offers by the discussions that go on. My recent CE classes for this year were no different. What did I learn you ask? Well for one thing, the supply of licensed/certified appraisers is dramatically shrinking. California is losing 5 per day and the percentage trend is similar across the nation. Obviously the past few years of mortgage meltdowns, foreclosures, increasing regulatory changes and AMC fee slashing is taking it's toll. The average age of an appraiser was reported to be 55-60. Wow! That means fewer younger professionals are coming in. Hopefully there will not be a mass exodus of the most qualified appraisers. We need the best and brightest to lead the way into the next era.

HVCC Impacting Appraisals? Say It Isn't So

Check out our latest article on which was also picked up by Ann O'Rourkes "Appraisal Today" newletter. Read the article here

Here We Go

Hopefully this will be a regular stop for those who want various commentaries and thoughts on the appraisal industry. Check back or subscribe to the feed to stay in the loop with what's going on at AM Appraisals.