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Adjustment Misconceptions

by Mike Armentrout I was recently perusing a social media page that caters to appraisers and came across a thread where a user had posted a grid from a peer report.  Aside from the fact that publicly displaying the work of others can be highly controversial, I reluctantly followed that inner desire to see the carnage that would be wrought in the comments.  It didn't take long before the knives came out, as is the case when online anonymity promotes a less than civil discussion. Most of the comments centered around the adjustments that were made to the grid.  In the midst of numerous responses, someone had noted that the bath adjustments were "so 2007".  That particular phrase stayed with me for a few days.  Was this a passing quip meant to be humor, or was it a reflection of their real views on adjustments? Market based adjustments are not commodities that are subject to simple inflationary rates through time.  They are instead typically tied proportionately to